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This is Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Setting Powder. This is a product that I learned about on a photo shoot one of my makeup artist used it on me and I could not believe the amazing finish and its ability to provide a perfect satin/matte finish. As you can see I have the 8 oz. jar it does come in various sizes but for the price and if you factor in how much you waste its just more sensible to buy the larger jar. 

Many people like to just use the lid to dispense the product to a puff or brush however, to me that just seems a bit unsanitary and because I have sensitive skin I wanted to take adequate procaution. What I chose to do was purchase a refillable powder jar from sephora (as seen in picture) to dispense the product. This helps with mess and prevents the spread of bacteria. 

You can apply this product in many ways. I use a MAC Cosmetics Luxury Powder Puff to press the powder into my face, I then use a 150 brush to sweep away the excess powder. If you read the directions on the back of the package it recommends using a damp sponge for application of this product when applying it to preserve a vivid color makeup. 

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