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I was thinking of giving these two products their own posts but I mean they just belong together so I figured I would put them in the same post. With that said these products really are made for each other. This concealer is the best under eye concealer I have ever used. This products offers great coverage and phonographs extreamily well. This concealer palette is the Ben Nye Light BNSK200 cover all wheel. I do use this product for covering blemishes but I mainly use it to contour and highlight. 

When using a concealer under the eye it is completely necessary to pack on the setting powder, literally. After I complete my under eye highlight I set it using Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. This has a yellow base and is extremely finely milled which makes it perfect to prevent creases in under eye concealer. The yellow base helps warm up the highlight and also prevents white circles around the eyes in photos. This can also be used all over the face if you have darker skin to avoid light casts that can be caused by translucent powder. 

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